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Composer & Orchestrator for Games & Films

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We have found Jolene extremely competent in her field, and her musical compositions are outstanding. Our audience positively comments every time her work is played during our show, often asking where they can listen to more of her work.


Jolene is a pleasure to work with. She is passionate, talented, and very punctual; often delivering pieces well before agreed deadlines. Jolene’s work has brought a great deal of value to our show; her pieces enhance the emotion and visual setting of the scenes we are playing out. We are extremely satisfied with her work.

UK and Europe's largest actual play Dungeons & Dragons streams - High Rollers DnD

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Jolene Khor

Jolene Khor is an award-winning video game & film composer, orchestrator and pianist based in London, UK.  Known for her whimsical and fantasy-driven compositions, reminiscent of the style popularized by Studio Ghibli in Japan, Jolene blends her passion for Japanese and Chinese aesthetic with her extensive knowledge of both popular and orchestral instrumentation to create a compelling blend of East and West.  Jolene is currently composing epic orchestral fantasy and whimsical scores for HighRollers DnD, Nomnivores Games, an indie open-world fantasy farming game The Gods Fabled: Soil Frontier, TTRPG podcasts like The Writer's Room 7th Sea, DistalsPlace and The Storyteller Squad, and an audiobook by Lemon Mouse Press.


Jolene’s scores to the martial arts comedy short film, Kung Fu Scriptures, earned her “Best Music Composer” award at the Tokyo Film Awards (2022). Her scoring credits include the UK and Europe's largest actual play Dungeons & Dragons streams, High Rollers DnD, award-winning tabletop game, Emberwind by Nomnivores Games, a feature film by ZM Films, Back and Forth, Kadi Tsang’s multiple award winning martial art short comedy Kung Fu Grandma, Morphing Matter Lab’s documentary of the latest technology Autonomous self-burying seed carriers for aerial seeding (Youtube), Tiny Teeth Books’ My Dental Debut, Jared Koh’s Earth Vs Air (YouTube), Jing Zhao’s award winning short film WALLS, Kitty Tsoi’s award winning whimsical animation, APATHY, award winning Malaysian film Sinaran Lapok by Solarz Productions, indie game SQOK, and Cityzen, and Zhao Wu’s award winning The Last Blue Rose.


Jolene has conducted orchestras and chamber groups as part of her work in recording sessions. She was hired to conduct the Queen Charlotte Orchestra during the Netflix organised promotional concert at Covent Garden on the 13th of May 2023. She is also hired as a pianist to perform and record for professional singers like Sonia Elisheva, Sejel BodereauKathy Muir, Ira Luzina and Andrea Dee.  Jolene is a founding member of the Composers in a Jukebox podcast where she and her colleagues discuss composition, orchestration and conducting with industry professionals like Eric Whitacre, Nicholas Hooper, Borislav Slavov, Alistair Kerley, Matt Dunkley, Christopher Tin, Morgan Kibby, Mike Ladouceur, Matthew Slater, Christina Liang, and Lindsay Jones.


Growing up in Penang, Malaysia, Jolene started piano lessons at the early age of 3, and honed her skills as a piano accompanist at her church at the age of 12. Her love of music led her to study composition and film scoring at Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, and at the Royal College of Music in London. She has studied under composers Francis Shaw, Dimitri Scarlato, and Mike Ladouceur.  She collaborated with many young filmmakers, animators and musicians from the London Film School, Royal College of Arts, Central Saint Martins as well as at the Royal College of Music where she was trained in managing recording sessions. She has recorded her music at Air Edel, Angels Studios and the Budapest recording studio. 



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