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About Jolene

Jolene Khor is an award winning composer and pianist, attracting recognition for her whimsical and aesthetics-driven compositions, reminiscent of the style popularised by studio Ghibli in Japan. Indeed, it is her love of music that inspired her to study Composition, which led to her receiving a Bachelors Degree in 2021 from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, and a Masters Degree in Composition for Screen in 2022 from the Royal College of Music in London.


Jolene brings her classical music and jazz training, together with her passion for Japanese and Chinese aesthetics, to create a satisfying blend of East and West, of classical music and popular instrumentation. This passion served her well during her studies when she collaborated with young filmmakers, animators and musicians from the London Film School, Royal College of Arts, Central Saint Martins as well as at the Royal College of Music where she was trained in managing recording sessions. Jolene has also recorded her music at Air Edel, Abbey Road recording studios and the Budapest recording studio.

Jolene is a founding member of the Composers in a Jukebox podcast where she and her colleagues discuss composition, orchestration and conducting with industry professionals. She also composes original music for the podcasts HighRollers DnD, Nomnivores Games, The Writer's Room 7th Sea, DistalsPlace and The Storyteller Squad.


Jolene has conducted orchestras and chamber groups as part of her work in recording sessions. She was also hired to conduct the Queen Charlotte Orchestra during the Netflix organised promotional concert at Covent Garden on the 13th of May 2023.

Featured Projects

HighRollers DnD
Altheya: The Dragon Empire

Queen Charlotte Orchestra
As seen on Netflix

Full Orchestral Recordings


Featured Press

"A song designed to describe Jolene Khor’s journey to becoming a composer, “Journey” is a triumphant and captivating piece. From the opening moments, you can tell this song tells the tale of an epic adventure."

"The song is a classical anthem with Asian-based culture and cinematic sound that has a catchy melody line and a super catchy hook."

"In “Journey” the impression is that we are embarking on a pilgrimage of challenges, of love and pain, of mystery and fantasy, but mainly a feeling of accomplishment, after having followed a long path to the desired destination."


"The song is a classical anthem with Asian-based culture and cinematic sound that has a catchy melody line and a super catchy hook."

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