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Insomnia 72 + High Rollers DnD

Updated: May 1

March 2024, Jolene Khor had a memorable experience attending the Insomnia 72 event in Birmingham, where she was warmly welcomed by fans of her enchanting compositions. The highlight of her visit was witnessing her music for High Rollers DnD: Altheya The Dragon Empire being played through massive speakers, filling the venue with its epic melodies and captivating themes. As she explored the event, Jolene had the pleasure of meeting dedicated fans of both her music and the cast of the High Rollers DnD series. The excitement and appreciation shared by attendees were a testament to the impact her music has had on the gaming community. It was a joyous occasion for Jolene to connect with fans, share stories, and celebrate the harmonious blend of music and storytelling that continues to inspire and enchant audiences worldwide.

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