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Altheya: The Dragon Empire | Main Theme

Updated: May 1

Jolene Khor's musical prowess shines brilliantly in her composition of the main theme for High Rollers DnD: Altheya The Dragon Empire. With a blend of epic orchestration and intricate melodies, she captures the essence of the mythical world of Altheya, transporting listeners to a realm of magic, adventure, and ancient lore. Her keen understanding of storytelling through music allows her to craft a theme that not only resonates with the grandeur of the Dragon Empire but also evokes the emotions and aspirations of its heroes and heroines. Jolene's talent brings a captivating dimension to the High Rollers' storytelling, enriching the gaming experience and immersing fans in the captivating world of Altheya. This soundtrack was recorded at the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, mixed and mastered by Mina Samy.

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